Kit Mitchell, RN, BSc(Hons); Manager Perioperative Education and Simulation Strategy for Vancouver Coastal Health will be joining us at the conference for Breakout Session “D1” on Sunday June 26th at 1000 in Room: Horizon N.

Kit Mitchell Biography
Kit is the Manager of Perioperative Education and Simulation Strategy at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). Kit was recruited from the United Kingdom in 2007, to the position of Perioperative Educator for the VCH Perioperative Nursing Program. She worked for seven years in this regional position before making the leap into management.

Kit came to Canada with extensive experience in operating theatres within the National Health Service in England; initially as a student, then as a Registered Nurse in a variety of surgical specialties. She continued her career in England as a Team Leader in vascular and general surgical emergency care and then as an Operating Theatre Practice Educator.

In her present role as Manager, Kit leads a team of seven regional perioperative educators in the development, implementation and evaluation of the ORNAC approved, VCH/PHC Perioperative Nursing Program. Kit and her team have embraced the role of simulation in education and have recently incorporated it into their program curriculum.

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There are many reasons why simulation has seen an incredible rate of growth in health care education in the last couple of decades; patient safety concerns, standardized educational opportunities, the opportunity to practice skills and make mistakes in a controlled environment, without risk to patients, to name a few of them. The VCH/PHC Perioperative Nursing Program team, faced with some challenges with providing a range of clinical experiences to their learners, looked to simulation as an adjunct to their clinical care experiences. This presentation details the steps taken to build three simulation scenarios and incorporate them into our curriculum.