Geoff Schierbeck, Quality Leader for BC Patient Safety & Quality Council will be joining us at the conference for Breakout Session “A1” on Saturday June 25th at 1000 in Room: Horizon N.

Geoff Schierbeck Biography
Geoff is an RN who joined the BCPSQC in 2013 from Interior Health where he was a Quality Consultant in Surgery. He has worked in critical care and emergency departments throughout Canada and the U.S.. He has been a part of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Collaborative with the Doctors of BC and is a co-lead for the 10K race to prevent surgical infections in BC. He is a past graduate of the BCPSQC Quality Academy and has a keen interest in using electronic data collection strategies for quality improvement purposes. Geoff has been recognized for his contribution in implementing the surgical safety checklist and has had success in building lasting relationships with point of care staff and physicians. More recently Geoff has been working on improving culture in perioperative areas throughout BC and is part of an inter-professional team working to spread this work.

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In health care, communication breakdowns often seem small and go unnoticed, when they can greatly influence the outcome of a patients’ safety and quality of care.

Communication is complex and subject to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. How we work as a team and communicate with each other are essential parts of a healthy culture. If you want to shift culture, then teamwork and communication are key components to consider.

Dysfunction in teamwork and communication is often “the elephant in the room”. In this session we will light up the “elephant” and discuss some tools that can be used to communicate effectively.