Coleen Newland, RN is the Clinical Nurse Leader Cardiac Operating Rooms at St Pauls’ Hospital – she will be joining us at the conference for a 30-minute segment during Breakout Session “D2” on Sunday June 26th at 1000 in Room: Horizon S.

Coleen Newlan, Biography
Coleen’s first introduction to the OR was in New Zealand as student nurse, where she got to see surgery including Total Hips, Cardiac surgery and handled instruments for a tonsillectomy, and in her spare time powdered the recycled washed gloves ready for sterilizing.

About 12 years later in Australia she returned home to the OR, where she scrubbed for her first neuro case as an emergency and the surgeon demonstrated the art of threading a French eye needle. A few years later Coleen completed a perioperative course which was the beginning of a lifetime of learning. Her OR experience has moved through all levels – Student Nurse, Post Basic Perioperative Student, RN, CN, Supervisor and now CNL for the Cardiac OR. It has allowed me to travel the world, New Zealand, Australia and currently St Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver, BC. And it has allowed me to volunteer in the 3rd world passing on my knowledge of perioperative nursing.

Cardiac Surgery has been a passion since witnessing my first Cardiac Surgery case as a student nurse in 1969. During my days as a perioperative student my goal was to be in the cardiac operating rooms – which I achieved being able to solo scrub before I had completed the course. This has led me to where I am now, working on the cutting edge.

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In the 50 years PRNABC [BCORNG] has been the professional voice for perioperative nursing in BC and nationally, its membership has witnessed and being involved with the development of the Cardiac Surgical programme in British Columbia.

From its fledging pioneering beginnings at Vancouver General Hospital in 1957, to the innovative world class surgical programmes now offered to all at the 6 Health Centres in BC, from the youngest to the oldest members of the population.

Daily PRNABC members work alongside world class Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiologists, challenging themselves as they learn new techniques and procedures – On the Cutting Edge.