Cindy Kelly, BA, CMDRT MDR Technician and Educator for the Vancouver Island University will be joining us at the conference for Breakout Session “A2” on Saturday June 25th at 1000 in Room: Horizon S.

Cindy Kelly Biography
Cindy is passionate about the vital work she and her MDR colleagues do every day in hospitals and surgical centres throughout North America. She enjoys sharing her more than 30 years of experience in the field, as an educator for MDR technician students at Vancouver Island University; as an auditor with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC; and as a mentor for technicians throughout BC. She also finds time to work in the reprocessing trenches at Ridge Meadows Hospital in Maple Ridge BC. She holds a Bachelor of Adult Education degree and a Workplace Training Certificate from the University of the Fraser Valley. She is also nationally certified as a Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Technician (CMDRT) through the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). One of the highlights of Cindy’s long career in health care has been working closely with colleagues in the Operating Room. Cindy understands the pressures, and joys, that occur in the daily life of an OR team. As an MDR technician she is proud to be part of that team. As an educator she is committed to lifelong learning for herself and her colleagues.

Her personal motto: It is often what we think we know that prevents us from learning.

Cindy lives in Mission BC with her husband and a very old dog. She has three wonderful children that she will be happy to brag about – just ask her!

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Thousands of surgical instruments and other medical devices are cleaned, disinfected, sterilized and delivered each day, hopefully in a seamless and uninterrupted manner, by dedicated technicians in Medical Device Reprocessing or Sterile Processing or Central Service or…..? Whatever name this department goes by it is a vital part of modern healthcare. But many of us know very little about what goes on down there.

Like elves in the night, or a very skilled back stage crew in a theatre, reprocessing technicians regularly deliver sterile products for thousands of surgical procedures. Have you ever wondered why it takes so long? Or just what all those chemical indicators tell us? Surgical teams across BC were recently asked what they would like to know about the mysterious world of reprocessing. During this presentation we will answer the most common of those questions.

In honour of the 50th anniversary of the PRNABC we will also look at the huge changes in reprocessing practices in the last half century and some of the exciting changes to come. We will leave time for questions from the floor so please bring your curiosity with you. Cindy is passionate about the work that reprocessing “elves” do. She is happy to share her knowledge and insights with you and to help de-mystify this vital area of healthcare.

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