Catherine Kruger, RN is a Manager for Fraser Health – she will be joining us at the conference for a 30-minute segment during Breakout Session “D2” on Sunday June 26th at 1000 in Room: Horizon S.

Catherine Kruger, Biography
Catherine always new she was going to be an Operating Room Nurse. She graduated in the Feb1987 from VGH, then proceeded to take her OR specialty at St Paul’s Hospital graduating in Sept 1988. She then completed her BSN from the University of Victoria in 2007 and then obtained her CNA Periopertive Nursing certification in 2012.

She has had the pleasure of working at Lion’s Gate OR, Burnaby OR and Surrey Memorial Hospital OR. During her carrier at SMH, she has worked as an contract instructor for BCIT, implemented two material management Preference Card and OR Booking programs, worked as the Clinical Resource Nurse for Thoracic Surgery and as the Clinical Nurse Educator before becoming the Manager for OR/PACU/AA’s/OR Booking in 2013. Throughout her carrier she has been involved first with BCORNG / PRNABC attending her 1 st conference as a OR nurse in 1988, acting as a Facility Rep, RPO of Fraser Valley Region, President Elect and now transitioning into the role of President of PRNABC. Catherine was the primary investigator of the research team – Scrub Busters: A Pilot of Reduce Surgical Site Infections among Hip Surgery Patients at SMH Through Presurgical Application of No-Rinse Chlorhexidine Cloths.

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Lead investigator Catherine Kruger will share a high level overview of the research process while presenting the findings of her research project. The major steps of the research process, including the research proposal will be covered while sharing the team’s experience.