Aaron de la Espriella, R.N.,CPN(c), RNFA is a Clinical Nurse Educator for Island Health at the Nanaimo Hospital – he will be joining us at the conference for Breakout Session “B2” on Saturday June 25th at 1400 in Room: Horizon S.

Aaron dela Espriella, Biography
Aaron graduated from nursing in Ontario in 1995. I completed my certificate in perioperative nursing in 1996. He got my first job in the operating room in Yellowknife NWT. He worked there for 3 years and moved to Calgary. Aaron spent the next decade of his career traveling and working in various ORs throughout the world including Hawaii, New Zealand, Maine and PEI. He now resides in Nanaimo working as the clinical nurse educator with Island Health and has decided to call Vancouver Island his home. Aaron completed his RNFA training in 2014 and has been striving to bring nurse first assists to BC for the past 2 years.

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The role of the Registered Nurse First Assist is a widely utilized position throughout the world. Unfortunately there are no RNFA positions in British Columbia. The presentation is an overview of the RNFA position and the pros and cons of utilizing RNFA’s. The presentation also outlines my experiences with trying to change provincial health policy and reviews the current and future state of this process.