Keynote Speaker Philip Jones will be joining us as the Closing Speaker on Monday June 27th at 1015.

Philip Jones Biography
Born in Wales, Philip Jones has spent all his adult life in Canada, initially in Edmonton, now in Calgary. He had a successful career with Woodward’s, a major western Canadian department store chain. He then turned to the writing and speaking business, addressing audiences across Canada, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. Philip’s articles have been published in business magazines in the U.S. and the U.K. as well as in Canada.

He is the author of How to Fit a Heart Attack into Your Busy Schedule! A Light-Hearted Look at Managing Stress. This was written after he had qualified as a Certified Heart Attackee. The focus of his seminars then switched from operating a business more successfully to living a life more effectively. As many of the principles are essentially the same, the shift was made without difficulty.

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“How to Fit a Heart Attack into Your Busy Schedule!”

This session is for busy, stressed adults only! With his dry sense of humour, Philip Jones tells stories, shows pictures and asks questions. He does not tell you what to do. No lectures. Instead, he gets you laughing . . . and gets you thinking.

This entertaining, thought-provoking presentation encourages you to review your personal lifestyle choices, figure out how to deal more effectively with stress, and make just one positive change to help you live a longer, healthier, more productive life.

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