Plenary Speaker Dr. Himat Vaghadia, Consultant Anesthesiologists and Clinical Professor, Department of Anesthesia, Vancouver Coastal Health & University of British Columbia, will be joining us at the conference during the Sunday June 26th 1530 Plenary Session.

Dr. Vaghadia Biography
Dr. Vaghadia has been practicing Anesthesiology at Vancouver General Hospital since 1987. He has a special interest in the Epidemiology of Good Health, Nutrition, Exercise and Mindfulness.

He has spoken at many venues on Workplace Wellness, Work-Life Balance, Mental Health, and & Yoga. He enjoys Running, Biking and Yoga and will share key epidemiologic studies that provide guidance on Optimising Personal Health and Wellbeing.

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Workplace Wellness for Nurses: An Evidence Based Approach to Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness & Yoga

In the workplace, nurses are faced with constantly increasing demands; health authorities give limited consideration to the deleterious effects on nurses’ health and wellbeing. This presentation will address some of the issues nurses face in the workplace and will identify strategies to help optimize nurses’ health and wellbeing by reviewing the following topics:

  • Highlight important barriers to nurses’ health in the workplace
  • Review key concepts on good nutrition
  • Review key concepts on good physical conditioning
  • Identify the role of yoga for good physical conditioning, prevention of chronic aches and pains
  • Identify strategies for stress reduction and good sleep
  • Review risk factors that are relevant for nurses
  • Help nurses develop a simple template to take better care of themselves
  • Help nurses achieve a more holistic and fulfilling life in the workplace and at home