Another hearty round of applause to all of you for coming to the 2016 PRNABC Conference!

This conference was a success because of your support and enthusiasm.

Thank you for your feedback about the programming of this year’s conference so we can offer you an even better experience in Victoria in 2018! All responses will remain anonymous.

The PRNABC Board and 2018 Conference Planning Committee look forward to seeing you again in 2018!

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Digital Version of the PRNABC 25th Biennial Conference Syllabus (PDF):

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To view a video of the conference – click here

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The conference planning committee was formed from members across the province coached by Barb Sheppard who was instrumental in keeping the committee on track.

They are all to be congratulated for organizing our conference to celebrate our 50th anniversary of PRNABC. Our conference would not be possible without the dedication of this committee.

The commitment and dedication of our industry partners is exceptional. Their continued support is a major contributing factor to the success of our conference. They contribute towards education at many levels. They are present in the operating rooms, help with regional education sessions and teach at the provincial conference. Take the time to thank the exhibitors for their participation as they play an important facet to the advancement of patient care.

Our conference theme “50 years on the cutting edge” reflects our history, our present evidence based practice with validated research and our changing future as the advancement of new technology guides our practice and patient care.

As you celebrate our 50th Anniversary of PRNABC with your perioperative colleagues and friends, think back to 1966 how an IDEA among a few members has developed into this event today. Thank you to them for their dedication and foresight for paving the way of this organization in what it is today.

The cutting edge is you, as a registered nurse, supporting your organization, supporting and teaching your colleagues, enhancing your practice with educational opportunities, keeping abreast on advancement of technology and changing standards. Share your knowledge, all the while delivering safe patient care and competent nursing practice.

It is my hope you are able leave the conference rejuvenated, energized and connected with colleagues across the province with new knowledge and new ideas.

I encourage you to lead the way.

Marlene Skucas RN CPN(C)
PRNABC President

Conference Planning Committee
PRNABC President/Conference Chair: Marlene Skucas
PRNABC Treasurer/Registration: Coleen Newland
Planner: Barb Sheppard – PCMG/Parsec
BCEAC President: Portia Purcell

* Deb Bushaw – Registration Desk/Hosts
* Stephanie de Jong – Entertainment
* Andrea Gilliver – Provincial Recording Secretary/Program
* Catherine Kruger – President Elect/Ex Officio
* Alannah Martel (UBC-O Student) – Printing/Publicity
* Laura South – Program Chair
* Kimberly Zrobek-Kucy

If you wish to participate as a future Conference Planning Committee member – please email the planning committee a message.